Scholarships / Artist Residency

2009 - Scholarship at Grafikwerkstatt Dresden from thFoundation Lithographic Academy in Sweden. Here I learned to see how the lithographic process in stone was handled in their workshop; working from light to dark, the pictographic sequence and also learning how other type of press functioned. The Dresden workshop is characterized by faithfully guarding the genuine tradition of lithography, which interested me a lot. 


2013 - Scholarship at Grafikwerkstatt Dresden. I my second scholarship from The Foundation Lithographic Academy in Sweden I developed my lithography into an Artist Book.


2013 - Artist Residency Ceiba Gráfica, Veracruz, Mexico. For me it was an interesting period of learning,  where my creation flowed in unison with my feelings. The fact of living in Mexico, working in my mother tongue and feeling the heat, which also showed me how it influenced lithography, was very instructive. I had to work faster as the water evaporated and the stone could not dry out. When working on another type of stone, such as Mexican marble instead of Solhonofen stonelime, the grained sounded were different. Drawing with lithographic lavering was so challenging that I had to make several trials, a technique that I learned to use in my largest lithographic stone.


2014 May - I was invited to an Artist Residency at the Graphic Faculty of the Academy of Art The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy, in Wroclaw, Poland to learn the Scrape in reverse method to produce my images for the solo exhibition Los Hombres, in La Sebastiana Gallery, of the Pablo Neruda Foundation, Valparaíso, Chile.


 2014-2015 - I was selected to study one year at Postgraduate Study Program in Interdisciplinary Printmaking, Faculty of Graphics and Media Art at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design, Wroclaw, Poland. Beside of developing, clarifying and enlightening my work in graphics, I got a reaffirmation of the power of art in the development of a society. 

2017-2018 Scholarship from The Museum of Lithography, Huddinge, Sweden.  Here I deepened the work of drawing the light from the black surface of the stone. Scrape in reverse is my complement to other more common lithography techniques. I immersed myself in this scraping method on stones, in order to get a large scale of shades of gray that gives almost a photographic expression. The creation gave me impulses and incentives to develop new methods such as photographic transfer. During the Scholarship I produced my individual exhibition "Dialogue with the stones", with which I continue with my life project "Art for life".